LFDA aims to provide a platform to integrate film crews in their work and bring socio-politico
economic integration of film crews in Pinyluo.

LFDA objectives are as follows:
a) To encourage and support cinematography, video editing, script writing, acting, stage drama,
short films, etc. among its members.
b) To spread knowledge about Films, Dramas and Documentaries in Pinyluo.
c) To promote close co-operation between members in all areas of Luo Films and Drama
d) To organise national, regional, and international conferences, workshops and seminars to
improve the operation of the Association in Pinyluo.
e) To act as the coordinating body for the development of independent Film and Drama Industry,
and to lobby on the behalf of the members on matters of Joluo interest, such as equipment
needed for Film and Drama activities.
f) To promote and develop the involvement and interest of young people in all aspects of Film
and Drama.
g) To help and improve working relationships among Joluo Film and Drama groups and other
sections of the Luo National Congress.
h) To advise those seeking to establish new independent amateur theatres in Pinyluo.
i) To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas regionally, nationally, and internationally among
j) To promote Luo culture through Films and Drama.
k) To promote the establishment of Films and Drama groups.
l) To monitor and advise on the maintenance of quality standards.
m) To affiliate with and participate in the affairs of any international professional organization or
international labors organizations.

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