Administration Team

Luo National Congress Executive Council

LNC Executive Council

Meet our dedicated Executive Council Members, guiding the Luo National Congress towards a brighter future with unwavering commitment and vision.

Eng. Opwonya Nokrach

>>Interim President General
>>President - Luo Music and Composers Association

Akinyi Odago, MSc.

>>Interim 1st Vice President General
>>President - Luo Business Administrators Association

Eng. Ochieng K. Ogolla

>>Interim 2nd Vice President General
>> President - Luo Engineers & Contractors Association

Okello T. Lutwa, BSc.

Interim Secretary

Dr. Richard Omollo

>>President - Luo ICT Association

Oryema B. Otura

>> President - Luo Clearing and Forwarding Association

Obbo G. Wandera

>> President - Luo Finance Association

Odegi Kwesi

>> President - Luo Agricultural Association

Ocola P. Oweka

>>President - Luo Media Association

Josephine Laker

>> President - Luo Artisans Association

Eng. Omondi Asunda

>> President - Luo Aviation Association

Odhiambo Rogers

>> President - Luo Transport Association

Oloo Charles

>> President - Luo Sports Association

Ouma J. Oluoko

>> President - Luo Tour Operators Association

Awuor C. Oluoko

>> Deputy President - Luo Tour Operators Association

Osir John

>> President - Luo Commerce and Trade Association

Opio Emmanuel

>> President - Luo Public Administrators Association

Oryema Justin

>> President - Luo Insurers Association

Okwir Ronny Calvin

>>President - Luo Hospitality Association

Omot Apijiu

>>President - Luo Educators Association

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