Luo National Congress

The Luo National Congress LNC is the nucleus of a pan-Luo institution with its foundation firmly anchored on the central theme of the Luo condition which is the Luo migration.

The Luo migration both separates Joluo and it is at the same time what brings us together like the expansion and contraction of an elastic band.

About LNC

The Luo National Congress LNC is the nucleus of a pan-Luo institution.
Welcome to The Luo Community

Welcome to LNC

Today we Joluo find ourselves at a cross roads in history. Our social, political, economic and cultural position from Gambella to Mahagi, Malakal to Mara is precarious. For that reason, we all feel an urgent need to tighten at this point in time the elastic band that binds us together into Wan Aciel.

Our Core Values

Unity (Wan Aciel)

A complete and harmonious whole Luo Nation.


Following consistent and uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical considerations in all aspects of our journey.


Providing an environment that nurtures the conception and development of new products, ideas, processes, or services.


Due regard for the rights, achievements, abilities and qualities of all Joluo.


To act in all spheres for the common good of the Luo Nation.


Being fair and impartial in all our activities.


Always upfront and forthcoming with information and insights.

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