To provide a platform to integrate law and order practitioners in their work bring socio-politico
economic integration of law and order practitioners in Pinyluo.

a) To facilitate the development and efficiency of nongovernmental networks in every field of
human activity – especially non-profit and voluntary associations – considered to be essential
components of contemporary Luo society.
b) To collect, research and disseminate information on international bodies, both governmental
and nongovernmental, their interrelationships, their meetings, and the problems and
strategies with which they are concerned.
c) To experiment with meaningful and action-oriented ways of presenting such information to
enable these initiatives to develop and counterbalance each other creatively, and act as a
catalyst for the emergence of new forms of associative activity and international co-operation.
d) To promote research on the legal, administrative, and other problems common in Pinyluo,
especially in their contacts with governmental, corporate, and international bodies.
e) To contribute to a universal order based on principles of human dignity, solidarity of Joluo and
freedom of association and communication.
f) To promote the objectives of the associations and members in particular by organising
common events and by encouraging contacts and exchange of information among them.
g) To bring together Luo lawyers and legal practitioners who are interested in Law and order and
the laws of Pinyluo.
h) To study together the solutions to legal problems that occur in Pinyluo as a consequence of
the evolution of the structures and institutions of the East African Community.
i) To make all who are interested aware of the importance of legal problems in Pinyluo.

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