The Luo ICT Association (LICTA) is a subset of LNC that endeavors to:

a) Mobilize ICT resources (human, logical, physical) with an aim of inculcating ICT best practices
amongst the great citizens of Pinyluo community.
b) Foster opportunities for requisite synergies among ICT professionals that benefits the great
citizens of Pinyluo community.
c) Encourage and support innovations and outreach activities that empower the Pinyluo
people especially on ICT products and services.
d) Advance forums and platforms for educating the Pinyluo community on information and
communication technologies issues.
e) Promote a positive culture of secure utilization of disparate ICT technologies and tools that
are at the disposal of the Pinyluo Community
f) Collaborate with like-minded entities, persons and opportunities that Pinyluo stands to
benefit from on matters of Information and Communication Technologies.
g) Be a knowledge reservoir for intra- and inter-LNC Associations activities that requires the
latest and high-end information and communication technologies
h) Serve as a consultancy and advisory outfit for the larger Pinyluo community on matters of
Information and Communication Technologies.
i) Promote short-term and long-term skills empowerment agenda for the Pinyluo people.
j) Technology is an enabler in all human-based engagements and as LICTA, we invite all the
good citizens of Pinyluo to partner with us for sustainable advancement in all endeavors.

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