Money Laundering Through Money Lenders.

Money laundering through money lenders has become a weapon used against Joluo everywhere.

The proceeds of corruption, the money looted from the Primeministers Office, Temagalo, NSSF, GOLDENBERG, NYS, etc are now being used to dispose Joluo. Loans with astronomical interest rates which guarantee that our people will fail to repay and the little property we have left i.e. land and livestock, will be attached and repossessed by the money lenders.

Money laundering and fraud infographics with criminal washing money, bribery and corruption concept, offshore account, crime, jail, bank, coin, banknote icon, isometric vector illustration

Money lenders are a criminal enterprise for washing dirty money from corruption to make it bankable in Western Banks abroad without Interpol and Western Finance Inspectors smelling a rat. They are all over Pinyluo lending money putting our people into inescapable debt.

No one is spared. Big and small the debt trap is for everyone.

The most diabolic scheme the owners of the black colonial states invented was to monetize politics such that to become an elected leader in any capacity in Pinyluo now requires huge sums of money. Joluo with political ambition are thus forced to borrow money from money lenders.

That is how very vocal Luo politicians suddenly go quiet. Money lenders is how the state controls politics in Pinyluo. Foreigners just threaten to repossess and attach property or withdraw cover for loans and our leaders abandon championing our interest. There is no longer a need to threaten them with prison or torture.

Who will now champion the interests of Joluo if not YOU?

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