The Luo Tour Operators Association brings together Luo Tour Operators across the East African Piny
Luo of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.
It is one of the economic pillars of the LNC, representing the interest of over 110 of Luo Tour

Objectives of The Luo Tour Operators Association
a) To map out, document, package and market tourist attractions within Piny Luo.
b) To provide information about Piny Luo to members, clients, and agents towards beneficial
c) To create opportunities for business for members.
d) To create business to business networking opportunities for members
e) To lobby for the interests of The Luo Tour Operators members in formulating and
implementation policy and legislation across countries.
f) To mediate disputes between members and trade partners.

Membership to The Luo Tour Operators Association is open to all licensed Luo tour operators who
meet our basic requirements as provided by the LNC Constitution. There is also a provision for nontour operating companies, allied to tourism and whose membership is of benefit to The Luo Tour
Operators Association.

All The Luo Tour Operators Association members are bound by the rigid rules of their own Code of
Conduct. The Association ensures that all its members provide the highest standard of service to
clients. Any complaints that may arise are handled by our Ethics and Standards Sub-Committee in
liaison with the LNCLF.

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