‘Luo Integration’ not ‘Luo Migration’. 

Because the only thing mentioned about Joluo in the schools in the black colonial states is Luo migration, many members are interpreting this image as a (wrong) depiction of the Luo migration. It is NOT. This image is about Luo INTEGRATION. If Luo migration is about the past, Luo integration is about the future.

*Ogenga Otunnu’s Hare-brained Scheme *

It may seem to many as if the name Otunnu is a very common name in Pinyluo Acoli. It is not. It is by pure coincidence that the name pops up so often here and there in the recent past. In fact the name is so rare that it is to my knowledge a family name and the Ogenga Otunnu in the news seems to be the black sheep of that family. All families have black sheep. As a matter of fact there is brother to me who is a Museveni regime apologist, if you come across his nonsensical writings somewhere I have nothing to do with it.

Luo Integration is a subset of East African integration.

When we say,” we take the ball of East African integration and run away with it”, it is fundamental in the LNC strategy and has a deeper meaning.

What it means is that the LNC strategy is to follow the laws of the colonial states. The LNC does not go against the laws of the colonial states. The LNC takes the laws of the colonial states and uses it to promote Luo interests. Therefore, members of LNC can never be condemned in a court of law.

The laws of the colonial states that have been ratified under the East African federation say that they are committed to working towards East African integration. The LNC argues that Luo Integration is a subset of East African integration.

No illegalities in LNC. 

The constitution of LNC which will be sent to the e-mail addresses of registered members will reflect that. Members of LNC can rest easy.

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