The Cornerstone of LNC Mobilisation.

To harnest the interests of  individual Joluo in order to benefit Pinyluo such that as individual Joluo are fighting to put food on their family tables, without having to think about it, they end up benefiting Pinyluo.

The example of teachers is apt. Teachers in Pinyluo Acoli can go for months without being paid, especially those in private schools. When they are paid often it is not the whole salary at a go.

Why? Because the private schools in Pinyluo Acoli don’t have money.

At the same time at the beginning of every term bus loads of Acoli children leave Pinyluo Acoli to go and join very expensive schools in Buganda, paid for in many cases by their parents taking loans or selling land and other assets. That colossal capital flight has enormous socio/economic consequences for the economy of Pinyluo Acoli.

When in Buganda those children learn nothing other than being indoctrinated into Ganda culture at the expense of Luo culture and language. Nothing extra exceptional of academic value is obtained in those Buganda schools that can’t be obtained in schools in Pinyluo. 

Why do Acoli parents do this?

1) Lack of resources and infrastructure in schools in Pinyluo Acoli.

2) Prestige: 

– Latina/nyatina kwano/somo Kampala.

In the first instance some of the best resources used in Buganda schools e.g the best teachers are Joluo. So we must find ways of bringing those resources back to Pinyluo.

In the second instance for those Acoli parents who want prestige, we must find ways of offering them alternative prestigious schools for example in Kisumu. Maseno and other prestigious schools in Pinyluo Onagi can offer that service so that Luo money remains in the Luo economy.

We must start looking at these matters in terms of Balance of Trade between Pinyluo and the rest. We must start looking at a Luo economy as separate from the rest and worth protecting.

In the case of education in Pinyluo, it requires Luo school owners and all stakeholders including Luo teachers to sit down talk and find a mutually beneficial strategy. Luo Educators Association should be the facilitator of such a process.

Teachers must be enticed back to Pinyluo. Parents must be sensitized if necessary through radio adverts and all other media. The Joluo must be encouraged to buy shares in schools in Pinyluo, school owners must make this possible. School owners and administrators in Pinyluo Onagi must be made aware of the potential student base all over Pinyluo.

We have a lot of work to do.

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