What is LNC – Luo National Congress?

LNC is a Luo-centric institution that applies the words WAN ACIEL literally in all its dealings as its core philosophy, LNC does not apply those two important words as an empty mantra. In order to achieve its overall goal of Luo Integration called WAN ACIEL, LNC will apply all its resources towards reaching three aims A, B and C and requests its members to apply all their energies towards the three aims;

*A) EMPHASIZE* our Luo heritage, culture and language.    For example, our classic names that start with O, A, U.

*B) BUILD* Luo networks in all spheres of human endeavour.

*C) DE-EMPHASIZE* and delegitimize colonially and foreign created divisions of Joluo into countries, counties, districts and other entities that don’t serve the paramount interest of WAN ACIEL. Consequently, the LNC does not fly the flags of any black colonial state and other foreign entities.

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